Brixtol started in a small kitchen in Stockholm, Sweden 2011 by two friends, Gustav Kjellander and Emil Holmström. The idea of parting with tradition and breaking the convention fuelled the birth of the brand and it became the manifestation of an idea in the shape of quality clothing inspired by a combination of British workwear and the 1960’s mod culture.

A fair share of dedication bordering on stubbornness and progressive mindsets, the pair set out on a journey that eventually led them to the British Midlands, home of world leading manufacturers in traditional British outerwear.

The result of this unconventional relationship is Brixtol – alternative classics for the independent and brave. The concept of exploring ones individuality, continuous reinvention and rejecting the dull, the timid and the old-fashioned play a central role in the mindset of Brixtol.

The name Brixtol is a combination of the south district in London called Brixton and the city of Bristol. Brixton, an area where bands such as The Clash has their roots and the City of Bristol, which is one of the true hangouts for the 1960´s mods. Gustav and Emil bring these elements to the brand, drawing influence and culture while still maintaining a Swedish/Scandinavian feel.

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