Fete is a feminist clothing company that is extremely passionate about naturalness and comfort. A line of “friendly” prints that can be found on the list of different types of prints.

This is with the basic water features that make the brand look and feel great. We are a 100% natural fashion brand given the variety of colors and the originality of the designs constituted on their authentic DNA. Our exclusive designs offer a very attractive product at a high quality level.

We design, manufacture and commercialize we take for you to taste in your day to day because we value the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. A style that responds to a way of life … to make women feel safe and relaxed that they will not have to be afraid of it.

FETE pretends to transmit the fascinating Mediterranean culture projecting in fashion the reflection of the characteristic features of the zone … sun, earth, sea, light and color. We will be present at these moments as authentic as your Mediterranean style of pure purity.

We like natural people. The people who have no worries, who live because they are and who have the appetite. People like to have fun in photos and feel good about themselves. We like the people who are like us. The natural people.

The raw material used for the manufacture of the collections comes from a selection of the best natural fibers. This, together with an innovative designer, is unique to FETE. FETE supports a product of proximity km0 and trust our local producers (Barcelona since 1989)

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